iLook smart eye relaxer

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How many times a day, on average, do our eyes enjoy true relaxation? ilook a sublime feeling for your eyes

Acupressure air treatment,
softer than you can imagine

The skin around your eyes - just 0.5mm in thickness - is the most sensitive and delicate area of the face. Acupressure air treatment provides warm and gentle relaxation for your eyes, at the ideal strength and temperature. Three modes can be used depending on the condition of your eyes.

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10minutes / heat compression / air pressure
The most basic mode of the acupressure air treatment offers a gentle massage
15minutes / heat compression air pressure / music play
iLook omits a natural sound, helping relieve the tiredness of your eyes and mind.
20minutes / heat compression air pressure / multi vibration
A soft vibration helps massage 11 key points around the eyes.

Compact and light enough to carry

ilook is surprisingly light, and small enough to fit in the palm of one’s hand, making it perfectly portable. ilook was designed with harmony in mind: its sleek, reinforced plastic and antibacterial cotton are perfectly unified.

Light weight
Folding in half
Soft antimicrobial cotton

Detailed to perfection

ilook applies gentle pressure to the temples, and 11 key points around the eyes, providing a soft and luxurious massage. Gentle vibrations and natural sounds provide a sense of total relaxation for the body and mind.

Status indicator light
Light on signifies iLook is in use
Power button
Press and hold the ON/OFF button to activate or deactivate power. To switch modes, press the ON/OFF button once.
Massage time indicator
Length of the selected massage is shown on the massage time indicator (10, 15, 20 minutes)
Battery indicator
Battery indicator appears when battery is fully charged.
Massage time indicator
Current massage mode is shown via the massage mode indicator (SLEEP, MED, HARD)
Massage function indicator
Selected massage mode is such via the massage function indicator (heat compression / air pressure / multi vibration / music play)
Massage pad
Soft cotton can be used without skin irritab.
Power adapter
To charge battery, remove cover and connect to power adapter.

Addtional information

- Customers who have undergone LASEK / LASIK surgery should refrain from using ilook.

- Customers with glaucoma, cataracts, retinoschisis, or other conditions effecting the eyes should refrain from using ilook.

- Customers who have suffered a stroke, or who suffer from high blood pressure or hypoglycemosis should refrain from using ilook.

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